About Paaraag:

Paaraag is established in 1993. Paaraag is a civil and construction company but the main field of it’s activity is steel structure.

Paaraag is a well-known and very active company in field of steel structures. We are designer and producer of all kinds of steel structures, plate girders, bolted connection  structures , space  frames and space trusses , pipe racks and industrial structures, gantry cranes, transmission & telecommunication towers and …

We construct and erect About 20.000 tons all kinds of steel structures annually, including high building structures, pipe racks, special structures of gas, oil refinery and petrochemical units, structure of industrial saloons beside  roofing systems for these saloons also.(Usual roofing systems are kalzip or ordinary painted or galvanized sheets with or without insulation (glass-wool, rock-wool, polystyrene, …) or sandwich panels that we can use in our projects.

Main Office:                 ۱۹۸ Vanak St. (Seoul Crossing)

                                     Tehran, 19977-73613, Iran

Phone:                         (+۹۸۲۱) ۸۸۰۴۲۱۴۲-۴۴               

 Vancouver Office:     ۲۰۱۲ Fullerton Ave. Suite 811

                                    North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3E3, Canada

Phone:                        ۶۰۴-۹۲۲-۱۵۹۷

Mobile:                       ۶۰۴-۸۳۹-۱۹۵۱

Factory:                      ۱۰۸-۳۰۴۶۸ Great Northern Ave.

                                    Abbotsford, BC, V2T 6H4, Canada

Website:                     www.paaraag.com  

Email:                         admin@paaraag.com

Information:              info@paaraag.com